Support for Pupils

The Foundation Bridge Academy offers a wide range of support services and facilities for its pupils:

Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP)

Young people who attend the Academy with an EHCP will have their needs reviewed to ensure that the most appropriate and adequate support is put in place before they start their learning journey with us.  All young people on EHCPs will have regular reviews throughout the year as well as an annual review of outcomes.   

Access to Examinations

Arrangements for accessing exams will be put into place following interview and/or assessment. 

Mentor Support

Some pupils may benefit from having a dedicated mentor to support them on their journey to help them in further developing softer skills such as anger management, attendance, punctuality for example.  Pupils can be allocated a mentor at the time of enrolment or may be encouraged to access support at different times of the year based on individual need. 

English as an Additional Language

Any young people for whom English is an additional language will be assessed on their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in order to establish what specific additional English skills and knowledge are required in order to support them in accessing the curriculum and progressing onto further education, work or study. 

Identifying needs

Whilst studying at the Bridge Academy, individual needs are closely monitored and if the school feels that a pupil would benefit from an assessment to further explore any learning needs then permission will be sought from parents/carers to carry this out.